What is the wise thing to do?

Hello Everyone!
We have a series going on here at Access Church titled “The question that answers everything”. Pastor Kevin has been talking for the past 3 weeks about making wise decisions based on our past, our present circumstances and our future goals and dreams. Sometimes, actually most of the time, we base our decisions on emotions. How we feel dictates what we think and what we do. When someone we love dies we are often given the very wise advice not to make any major decisions for at least a year. Why? Because our emotions and our feelings are unstable under those circumstances. Chances are, we will feel differently as time goes by. Our God given emotions are very valuable, they make us who we are. But, making life choices based totally on how we feel is not always productive or in our best interest.
A great question to ask yourself is “what is the wise thing to do?” Where do we turn to get advice that we know is sound. Well……I can tell you what has been helpful to me. I wish I could say that the first place I turn is to God’s word! It should be. The bible is full of advice that will help us to live a life that is full and complete. But sometimes I get side tracked and I look to friends or coworkers for advice, instead of God. After we check things out with God, I would recommend a trusted Christian relative or friend, maybe someone who has been through the same type of struggle we are facing. Many of us might need professional counseling, another very helpful avenue to explore. A great place to start, when you turn to the bible as you are looking for advice is Proverbs. Most of this book is written by the wisest man who ever lived, Solomon. I would encourage you to check it out next time you are overwhelmed with life. I hope and pray that this New Year 2015, will be full of good choices, Godly advice and wise decisions as you navigate through this thing called life!

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