Bring on the tulips!

Good afternoon. As I sit here in my office looking out the window, I see trees with no leaves, grass that is brown, there is such a damp chill in the air and yet the 1st days of spring are just right around the corner. It reminds me of life. How we don’t always see the full picture. We feel sad and empty at times as we go through the troubles of this life. Sometimes we just can’t seem to see past the pain. And then…. spring comes. What looked bare and desolate now has color and warmth. God provides those things for us. He knows the future and gives us strength to survive the sorrows and struggles of our days. The bible says “In this world we will have trouble, but take heart for I have overcome the world.” John 16:33b Hold on, trust the living God, do not lose heart. God is a God of mercy and healing. He knows the outcome of every situation and will not leave us defenseless. So, bring on the tulips! I’m ready for a little color!

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