You can do this!

We all have a place we go to numb the pain.  We all have issues in our life that need to be addressed.  What is your escape?  Might it be entertainment?  (television) What about food? Relationships? exercise? work, drugs, alcohol, shopping???

Are you a fixer?  Do you swoop in to rescue others?  All the while ignoring your own needs?  (codependency) What does a healthy coping mechanism look like?  How do we achieve it?

Are you comfortable in your own skin?  Most of us struggle with some form of feeling like we are not enough, or we don’t “fit”.  We adopt life styles to make us “feel better”. Which usually works until we start slowing down and really feeling our emotions.  Is it possible to BE okay when we don’t FEEL okay?

I’m here to tell you, YES IT IS! Stay with what stirs you.  Pray through it.  Talk through it. Try not to be afraid of it.  Hold all that you love with open hands.  Do not make idols of things that provide a quick fix.  Nothing worth while is usually quick.  It takes time and energy and lots of honesty and self examination .

God bless each of you as you make the most of the life that God has given you.

In His Love,






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