Bring it on 2020!

Just like that Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and We have the beginning of another 12 month cycle of our lives!

As you reflect on the last year, what do you see?  Was it a year of big, bold moves in your life?  Was it a year of heartbreak or sickness?  Did you learn anything from mistakes or were they all someone else’s fault? LOL!  I encourage you to take an honest inventory of yourself as you face a new year.  We can only grow and mature as we learn from the past and put into practice the lessons we have learned.

My prayer is that you would experience the peace and Joy that only God can give, as you make the very most of the life that He has given you.  The strongest most mature people I know are those who experience great heartache and pain and come out on the other side with peace that can only come from the presence of God in their lives.  They hurt, they grieve, they walk through the pain, not around it and still trust God and His will for them.  I strive to be one of them.  By striving, I mean I continually go to God in times of trials and ask Him for his wisdom and His peace.  Then, I do what I feel must be done and trust the results to Him.

May 2020 be your year!  A year to reflect upon and say to yourself, “I did good!”

God bless each of you!


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